Alec Perkins

Designer with a coding problem.


The Hydrator icon, a blue water droplet.

Semi-static website generator with dynamic capabilities & companion hosting service.

A show-em screenshot showing uploads in-progress.

Quick, disposable static hosting for demos and testing.


Marquee is a digital studio using its highly configurable platform Proof to deliver award-winning, web-native publications.

Editorial Suite

The Proof editorial suite supports highly structured content, configurable for publication-specific content types & roles with rich metadata. It has a layout editor for easy construction of responsive, impactful story layouts.

The Proof SDK provides a powerful declarative syntax and component model for rapidly constructing fast & robust reader experiences, with minimal ops overhead.

Select Marquee clients:

Projects & Experiments


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LSP Ride Promo

People’s Monday for Berta Cáceres

Fast Times at Red Hook Crit

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Video dispatch from the Tour de Staten Island

#HandsOffSyria emergency rally & march

#HandsOffSyria rally & march

#NoNYCHypocrisy rally & march

Sean Coleman & Tish James speak at the People’s Filibuster, NYC

Lourdes Ashley Hunter speaks at the ACT UP 30th anniversary rally in New York City

Winner Take All