Alec Perkins

Designer with a coding problem.

UX for Notable Finance.
Design & production for Earthling Parametric.

afid »

Random identifiers with some affordances for human usage.

zip-state »

Lightweight mapping of USPS ZIP Codes to their assigned region.

Package »

Parametric Lamp

Protestors hold flags of countries affected by the 2017 travel ban in a formation spelling #NOBAN in New York City’s Rockefeller Park. 

Every pixel is a million dollars

Hudson Bike Share by the numbers

Just the time »

Winner take all

Arming Himself

“How many do you need?” asked the arms dealer.

“One. Obviously.” replied the man, fumbling with his wallet.

The dealer asked, “Bad accident?”

“Yeah. Ruined my whole life. I’m hoping this can fix it.”

“Remember, I never sold this.”


“And be careful with this one. They’re much harder to come by than a prosthesis.”